Why electrolytes are important during the fasting window?

Why electrolytes are important during the fasting window ?

Electrolytes are minerals that we need to get from our diet to maintain fluid balance. Electrolytes are also important as they send signals to our brain and allows muscles to contract.

Major electrolytes include sodium , potassium, chloride and magnesium. Not getting enough of these can lead to cramps, headaches, fatigue etc.

When you start with a fasting regime, IF leads to a dip in the hormone insulin. This allows the body to go into fat burning (lipolysis), which is super great for fat loss. However, lowered insulin levels can signal kidneys to release water and sodium via urine at higher levels.

This is why adding a pinch of a good quality sea salt (I prefer Himalayan pink salt) to the bottle of water, is very essential.

Do electrolytes break your fast?

I often get asked this by clients. No, not I f it’s just the salt in the water.

However, a store bought electrolyte most probably will have sugar that will spike insulin and break the fast.

So one has to be weary of that . Avoid the sugar loaded electrolytes and start adding just a pinch of salt to your water.

I wish you health always:)